Event Bookmarks:
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16:00 p.m. Evening Session - Public Meeting Room
3Pledge of Allegiance
4Approval of Minutes
5Requests to Postpone Agenda Items and Additions, Deletions or Changes in the Order of Presentation
7County Administration Update
8Board Member Reports
9Resolutions and Special Recognitions
10New Business
11Consent Items
12Fifteen-Minute Citizen Comment Period on Unscheduled Matters
13Deferred Items
14Public Hearings
15To Consider Proposed Ordinance Amendments Relating to Department of Utilities Fee Changes
16To Consider Proposed 2021 Tax Rates
17To Consider FY2022 Proposed Budget
18To Consider FY2022-2026 Proposed Capital Improvement Program
19To Consider FY2022 Proposed Community Development Block Grant and the HOME Investment Partnership Annual Plan
20Fifteen-Minute Citizen Comment Period on Unscheduled Matters
21Closed Session