Event Bookmarks:
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442:00 p.m. Work Session - Public Meeting Room
44Approval of Minutes
44Requests to Postpone Agenda Items and Additions, Deletions or Changes in the Order of Presentation
44Work Sessions
44Everyday Excellence - Sheriff's Office
44COVID Update 
44Police Department Update
8Assessor's Office and Real Property Tax Rate Update
9Perrymont Update
10Legislative Liaison Update
12District Improvement Funds (DIF) Monthly Report
13Fifteen-Minute Citizen Comment Period on Unscheduled Matters
14Recess for Dinner
446:00 p.m. Evening Session - Public Meeting Room
44Pledge of Allegiance
44County Administration Update
44Christmas Mother & CCHASM Update
44Other County Administration Updates
44Board Member Reports
44Resolutions and Special Recognitions
44New Business
44Personnel Appeals Board
44Consent Items
44Claim of L.T. Services, Inc. Relating to Termination of Service Agreement #ADMIN18000101 for School Custodial Services
44Fifteen-Minute Citizen Comment Period on Unscheduled Matters
44Deferred Items
44Requests for Manufactured Home Permits and Rezoning Placed on the Consent Agenda to be Heard in the Following Order
4421SN0519 - Richmond Affordable Housing - Bermuda District
4421SN0524 - Christine and Paul Butts - Matoaca District
4421SN0525 - Biringer Builders, Inc. - Midlothian District 
4421SN0534 - Railey Hill Associates, LLC - Midlothian District 
4421SN0542 - Chesterfield Planning Commission - Bermuda District
4421SN0518 - Better Housing Coalition - Clover Hill District 
44Public Hearings
44To Consider Conveyance of Right of Way to the Commonwealth of Virginia for the Route I95 Auxiliary Lanes Project
44To Consider Leasing of Space at the County Airport for Use by the Virginia State Police Aviation Unit
44To Consider Amendment to County Code 9-51 Regarding Penalty for Failing to File a Tax Return for Certain Personal Property
44Fifteen-Minute Citizen Comment Period on Unscheduled Matters
44Adjournment and Notice of Next Scheduled Meeting of the Board of Supervisors
2COVID Update