Event Bookmarks:
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343:00 p.m. Work Session - Public Meeting Room
34Approval of Minutes
34Requests to Postpone Agenda Items and Additions, Deletions or Changes in the Order of Presentation
34Work Sessions
34Everyday Excellence - Real Estate Assessor's Office
34Work Session on Blighted Property
34General Assembly Update 
34Financial Update
34Pursuant to 1) § 2.2-3711(A)(3), Code of Virginia, 1950, as Amended, to Discuss the Acquisition by the County of Real Estate for a Public Purpose Where Discussion in an Open Meeting Would Adversely Affect the Bargaining Position and Negotiating Strategy of the County, 2) § 2.2-3711(A)(5), Code of Virginia, 1950, as Amended, to Discuss or Consider Prospective Businesses or Industries or the Expansion of Existing Businesses or Industries Where No Previous Announcement Has Been Made of the Businesses’ or Industries’ Interest in Locating or Expanding Their Facilities in the County and 3) Section 2.2-3711(A)(8), Code of Virginia, 1950, as Amended, for Consultation with Legal Counsel Regarding Specific Legal Matters Requiring the Provision of Legal Advice Relating to the Use of School Facilities Owned by the County
346:00 p.m. Evening Session - Public Meeting Room
34Pledge of Allegiance
34County Administration Update
34County/Schools Reopening Update
34Other County Administration Updates
34Board Member Reports
34Resolutions and Special Recognitions
34Richmond Regional Transportation Planning Organization's Community Transportation Advisory Committee
34Community Criminal Justice Board
34Consent Items
34Approval of a Contract for Health and Fitness Services to Chippenham and Johnston-Willis Hospitals Inc. for Chesterfield County Fire & EMS Uniformed Members
34Fifteen-Minute Citizen Comment Period on Unscheduled Matters
3420SN0529 - Three Hoos, LLC - Dale District
3420SN0557 - Debra Wright - Midlothian District
3420SN0586 - Westerleigh FC LLC - Matoaca District
3420SN0592 - GEM Capital LLC - Clover Hill District
3420SN0601 - Carrie E. Coyner Trustee - Bermuda District
34To Consider the Conveyance of Easements to the Commonwealth of Virginia and Virginia Electric and Power Company for the Route 641, Dundas Road, VDOT Bridge Replacement Project
34To Consider Amendment to the Lease Agreement Between the County of Chesterfield and The First Tee of Greater Richmond 
34To Consider the Abandonment of Portions of Omo Road, State Route 739
34To Consider Amendments to County Code Section 14-21, Relating to Cursing and Swearing in Public
34To Consider the Readoption of an Amendment to Section 9-51 of the County Code to Waive the Accrual of Interest on Delinquent Personal Property Tax Payments Due on June 5, 2020 Until After July 31, 2020 and to Adopt on an Emergency Basis a Waiver of Penalty and Interest until After August 31